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Moguer Duo

Moguer Duo is born from the desire of two friends to share the stage as one.

Sandro Rodrigues and Konstantinos Avlonitis met in 2018, in Maastricht, The Netherlands, where they studied in the class of Maestro Carlo Marchione.

Even though the duo has lived many musical experiences together in their university years, the idea of getting together as a professional chamber music formation appears in the beginning of 2022.

"From the village feast, red-lit to the sky, come sour nostalgic waltzes on the gentle wind. The tower is livid, mute and hard, in a wandering violet, bluish, yellowish limbo... And there, behind the dark cellars of the suburb, the falling moon, yellow and sleepy, sets over the river."

-Juan Ramón Jiménez in Platero y Yo

Influenced by the personalities of Juan Ramón Jiménez, Platero and Eduardo Sainz de la Maza, the duo found their path, focusing on repertoire from the 19th and 20th century such as E. Granados, A. Tansman or J. K. Mertz.

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